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Even in the earliest stages, dementia impacts quality of life. Seniors often have difficulty facing impending changes, and they are sometimes hesitant to accept the assistance they need. This poses difficulties for families who want to support their loved one’s goal of aging in place. When these challenges arise, finding the right support is critical. Home Care Assistance of Winnipeg, MB, is a recognized leader in dementia care for aging adults. We have helped thousands of families overcome the challenges of providing dementia care at home. Our qualified caregivers offer reliable support that makes home safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable for seniors living with dementia.

With our memory care services, seniors can enjoy these and many other benefits:

  • A safer home environment and reduced risk of falls and injury
  • Supervision for those who are prone to wandering or sundowner’s syndrome
  • Beneficial companionship that reduces loneliness, isolation, and depression
  • Social stimulation to keep the mind sharp and slow the progression of dementia
  • Assistance with essential tasks, including personal care, meal preparation, and transportation
  • Enhanced communication with family caregivers to keep them informed about progress, setbacks, or other changes
  • Consistent routines that follow the senior’s preferred schedule and habits
Dementia Care Winnipeg Manitoba
Dementia Care Winnipeg MB


As seniors progress through the stages of dementia, changes in habits, abilities, and personality are common. Having a professional dementia caregiver in the home who understands and adapts to these changes makes accepting care easier for the senior, and it also makes the caregiving itself more successful. At Home Care Assistance Winnipeg, our caregivers undergo comprehensive training that prepares them to meet the changing needs of seniors with dementia. Included in our training is the innovative Cognitive Therapeutics Method. This scientifically based program engages seniors, slows cognitive decline, and helps our clients maintain a sense of pride and accomplishment.


Seniors with dementia are individuals first. This means each senior has a unique set of needs and experiences, and no single care plan will work for everyone. At Winnipeg Home Care Assistance, our caregivers provide personalized care that exactly meets the needs of each senior. Our Care Managers work with seniors, their families, and medical professionals to discuss obstacles, needs, and goals and develop a comprehensive plan that provides the perfect level of support. Through the progression of the disease, care needs often change, and the care plan may need to change as a result. We adapt care plans as often as necessary to ensure home is always safe, comfortable, and conducive to offering the senior a higher quality of life.

After a diagnosis of dementia, it is time to explore in-home care options for your elderly loved one, and Home Care Assistance is here to help him or her maintain a high quality of life. To learn more about live-in and respite memory care programs available near you, call us today at (204) 489-6000. Speak with one of our dedicated Care Managers to request a complimentary in-home evaluation.

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